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Trust and safety services that take a holistic approach

You invest so much in building your brand and creating meaningful digital touchpoints with your customers. In a world where trust is the new brand currency, forward-thinking companies are those that recognize the need to provide a safe environment for customers to interact and transact online - proactively.

Let´s work together to help monitor online content, mitigate risks, ensure integrity and safety across your entire digital presence.

Our expert teams combine advanced algorithms and machine learning with human understanding and values to protect both your company and your users.

Digital Trust, Complexity and Safety

In the age of user-generated content, discover how to use a consistent approach to overcome the challenges of moderation and user trust.

We flag user reviews, comments, and uploads through Machine Learning and human moderators to protect your brand from the impact of harmful content such as: sexual content, hate speech, violence, Illegal activities, impersonation, child exploitation, violent extremism.

We review for misleading and inappropriate content and links to malware sites, then take down ads that target users or harm the online experience.

We identify fake accounts, unauthorized access, and illegal activities and remove accounts per your policy. Some examples include: • Unauthorized account access • Account violations • Fake accounts

We screen shopping sites for fake reviews, fraud, and unauthorised sellers, buyers and transactions. Some examples include unauthorized logo use, the unauthorised reselling of an item, an unauthorized seller and an unauthorized purchase.

With so much revenue on the line, we ensure your apps meet Google and Apple policies and protect your users with script-level review. Some examples include: • Sexualized content, hate speech, violence, illegal activities • Malware, clickbait • Account reviews • Illegal apps

We find and review uses of your screens and original content to ensure they are authorized. Some examples include: • Re-upload of an original video • Upload of a movie to a video platform • Unauthorized reselling of artwork on a t-shirt platform • Unauthorized use of a copyright image

Our Social Media solution protects global companies brand reputation across the digital ecosystem. From proactive to reactive interactions, we provide customer support, listen and filter the noise, build communities, create brand lovers, stop haters and generate leads.

We help you solve your data quality and cost challenges with our Data Labeling and Data Governance AI + Human Solution that enables your AI/ ML algorithms to produce AI with high accuracy, precision and recall and takes them from Proof-of-Concept to Production.

Our reputation precedes us

Everest Group recognizes Teleperformance as a Trust and Safety leader

For the second consecutive year, we have been identified as a leader in Everest Group´s 2022 PEAK Matrix for Trust and Safety – content moderation. This recognition acknowledges our contribution to making the internet a safer place for our clients, their customers and society.

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Global Presence, Local Relevance

We have the presence and scale to support your needs, wherever you are. We combine our global know how with local knowledge to provide a superior service, at scale.


Expert insights

White Paper: Content Moderation Playbook

A White Paper from HFS Research detailed the most important issues to consider when implementing a content moderation strategy. Learn three key pillars to consider when planning, evaluating, or redefining a content moderation program.

Real results

Increased efficiency and improved reputation on social media

After integrating channels, one Teleperformance client was able to streamline processes and strengthen their online reputation.


decrease in negative mentions


increase in brand reputation


increase in positive brand sentiment

Advanced services in action

Comprehensive services built for the digital world

Protecting companies and customers with a comprehensive trust and safety solution has become a business imperative. See how one of the world’s largest social networking platforms has managed ad moderation by partnering with Teleperformance.


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Gain peace of mind.

Apply a proven, expert approach that uses an effective combination of human skills, intelligent technologies, and global reach. Contact us today.

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